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Marques Douglas

Bridging the gap between potential and success has lead Marques Douglas to inspire, teach, and speak to thousands of individuals throughout his career as a professional athlete.

Douglas started the Marques Douglas Foundation in 2003 to provide others with the chance to move from potential to success. He helps equip people with the tools needed to be productive, gain short-term financial assistance, and support existing school programs. Knowing and understanding that he has been the recipient of help along the way, he wants to give others the chance to move from potential to success.

While growing up in Greensboro, North Carolina, he benefited from an awesome foundation which consisted of his family and his faith. His parents as well as others encouraged him to pursue his dreams and excel in every endeavor. This motivation helped Marques become a Real Estate Broker, with the largest luxury home firm in North Carolina. He also holds a broker license in South Carolina.

A graduate of Howard University, Marques received a Bachelors of Sciences degree in Human Development and a minor in Administration of Justice (Pre-Law). At Howard, Douglas was an All-American, 3-Time All-Conference Player, and 2-Time Rookie of Week. He also received the first "Buffalo Solider Award," which is given to a player who exemplifies hard work and character.

Marques started his career in the NFL with the Baltimore Ravens in 1999, as an undrafted free agent. While others received a signing bonus to join the team, Douglas simply received the chance to compete. Over a decade later, he is still competing at a high level. Since 2002, he has the second most tackles for loss of any defensive lineman in the league. Currently embarking on his 13 year in the NFL, Marques has played for the New Orleans Saints, San Francisco 49ers, Baltimore Ravens, New York Jets and is currently with the Tennessee Titans. In 2000, he spent a season with the NFL Europe’s Rhein Fire, where he won a World Bowl Championship and received All-Pro honors. While in Europe, he also had the opportunity to speak in a German prison. While standing among the prisoners in the yard, Douglas commanded the attention of everyone in attendance and inspired prisoners to rise above their current situations and be productive citizens.

While playing for millions of people on Sundays, Marques still finds time to be active in his community. On his day off, he can be found him working with students who take part in his “Life Skills” program. While starting the program in Baltimore, he was given the freedom to nurture and teach students who were thought by some to be at-risk Douglas taught them ways to improve their grades and life outside the classroom, while encouraging them to be better communicators. During his time in San Francisco, Douglas started a program at the San Jose Juvenile Justice System to address the social and academic needs of the inmates, visiting every Tuesday to help them with their schoolwork and highlight the value and importance of education.

Marques’s strong will to be the best player he can be has inspired his teammates to vote him a team captain and a recipient of the Ed Block Courage Award, given to NFL players who have overcome amazing obstacles. After his 2nd year in the NFL, Marques tore his ACL in his left knee and tore his right ACL during his 4th season, less than two years later. After rehabbing his knee in 2003, he went on to have a breakout year on the field as a full-time starter.

In 2007, Marques traveled to Afghanistan to meet and greet the troops. While traveling and sharing with others, he witnessed many Americans working together for one common goal. While looking into their eyes, Marques realized he had to get serious about his pursuit to help others.

Douglas believes the key to bridging the gap between potential and success is teaching others how they can be effective communicators. "The lack of communication has led countless people down the wrong path". That path has lead Douglas to focus his efforts on helping others bring out their ‘inner champion’.

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